Auto Services

Auto Repair Services

Fleet Services
Fleet service is a service that we offer that is of unmatched quality. We pride ourselves on being the best. We at Benefield Automotive are one of the largest fleet service providers in the entire Atlanta Metro area, possibly the state. We currently service 50-100 different fleets of all sizes; some fleets we service have more than 100 vehicles.
Routine Maintenance
Routine maintenance is of the upmost importance when it comes to the life of your vehicle. The regular preventative maintenance that might seem trivial can help prevent costly repairs. It is best to check your manufacturer vehicle service recommendations as to when these services are due.
Transmission Service
Transmission Service is one of the routine preventative maintenances you should do approximately every 30,000-50,000 miles depending on your vehicles manufacture service recommendations. Transmission fluids purpose is to lubricate and reduce friction of internal components, keep the transmission cool, reduce sludge and remove small particles.
Check Engine Light / Engine Diagnostics
The dreaded check engine light…..Many shops offer a free check engine light diagnosis, but do not be misled. The reading of codes can be done with ease and little or no education but that does not uncover the problem or fix your vehicle.
Brakes & Brake Repair
Simply put, if your brakes are not working properly, you, your family and everyone on the road are at risk. Brakes are the most important safety attribute on our vehicles today. So, your brakes should be checked at least yearly.
Steering & Suspension
Steering and suspension components are a very vital part of your vehicles steering, handling, cornering, alignment, tire wear, and just outright comfortability of the ride. Worn suspension components such as struts, mounts, shock absorbers and bushings can lead to an unstable ride, uneven tire wear that eventually becomes a safety issue.
We at Benefield Automotive offer a complete line of automotive batteries for all foreign and domestic cars and trucks. We have partnered with Interstate Batteries, Exide, Motorcraft, AC Delco just to name a few, most of which come with a nationwide pro-rated warranty.
Air Conditioning
In our opinion, when living in the south air-conditioning is of extreme importance. With our ASE certified technicians we at Benefield Automotive have one of the best reputations of AC service in the business.
Oil Change
Changing of oil and filterLubrication of all fittingsChecking and topping off fluidsInspection of Belts and hosesInspection of wiper bladesChecking of condition of tires and tire pressureChecking all LightsChecking air and cabin filter (where applicable)Inspection of under carriage Inspection of brakes (where visible without removal of tires)Checking for leaks Reset maintenance Light (some German Autos require additional software necessary to reset maintenance monitor – additional charge)
Tires, Wheel Alignment, Tire Rotation & Balancing
Tires are a component that is very essential to the life of your vehicle, not only are they transporting, supporting , cornering, handling, steering, they are making sure that you and your family travel safely to and from your destination. We at Benefield Automotive offer a wide variety of tires of all makes and sizes, economy to premium, highway to performance, for all car and trucks foreign, domestic, light duty or heavy duty.
Engine Services
Most automotive repair facilities do not do heavy line repair work such as Engines, Transmissions and Differentials. Here at Benefield Automotive we have over 40 years of experience involving the replacement of Engines, Transmissions and Differentials. Our ASE Certified Technician replaces multiple Engine and Transmissions on a weekly basis.