About us

About us

Personal Service with Modern Technology

Doug Benefield has worked at Benefield Automotive since 1993. He purchased the business in 2003. Since then, the business has drastically grown because Doug has built a reputation as an honest mechanic who takes care of the customer, pays attention to the little details, and employs top notch mechanics who are highly trained.

Benefield Automotive specializes in taking care of commercial fleets (shuttle buses, limos, trucks, etc.) and vehicles of all makes and models, foreign and domestic, in the Atlanta area. With Benefield Automotive being directly across from Delta Airlines main general office, a variety of repairs keeps the Delta Community going. “What separates us from the competition is the speed at which we can repair a vehicle and get it back on the road while offering quality and expertise of the mechanic working on each vehicle. We work hard to provide top notch service at a reasonable price,” Benefield noted. “Since we have decades of experience in house, we can quickly turn cars around and save people money. My shop is set up in such a way that we are extremely efficient which saves customers money and time.”

Commercial and fleet customers need a mechanic who understands a wide range of vehicle problems and can diagnose those problems and get the vehicle back on the road so it can be put back to work. “We understand that commercial fleets are in the business of making money with their vehicles. When a commercial vehicle needs to be worked on, we quickly get the problem diagnosed and fixed so the business it belongs to can put it back on the road,” Benefield. “We understand that the vehicle can’t make money sitting in our shop, so we always take care of our commercial clients quickly.”

Benefield Automotive has built a reputation as a shop that can diagnose and fix a variety of European cars including but not limited to Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Bentley, Porsche and even Maserati. “Many shops specialize in one brand of car or one type of service. We specialize in almost everything. We have highly qualified staff in house daily that can service all makes and models of cars, SUV’s and trucks,” Benefield explained.

Benefield Automotive is a family owned business where employees and customers are treated like family. “We don’t offer commission to our mechanics, so customers can take comfort in knowing that when they come in, we will treat them like family. We will not be pushy or treat them like a number.”

Come experience the difference at Benefield Automotive.