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Ten Good Reasons to Invest in Vehicle Inspections and Maintenance Services

Some of our brands
   • Cut repair costs – discovering a defective component before it creates major problems
      can save you big money.
   • Safety – a less than inadequate maintained vehicle can drive you into a
      serious accident.
   • Better performance – proper maintenance translates to improved fuel economy
      as well as improved response.
   • Saving the environment – under-maintained vehicles are a serious contributor
      to air pollution.
   • Improved trade-in/resale value – a well maintained vehicle can be worth 2 to 3 times
      as much as one that’s been neglected.
   • Better handling – incorrect wheel alignment, worn suspension components and/or
      tires cause poor ride and handling.
   • Ability to plan ahead – when a checkup indicates future needs for repairs
      you can budget accordingly.
   • Dependability – a well maintained vehicle is less likely to stall, fail to start
      or otherwise leave you stranded.
   • Driving enjoyment – it’s more comfortable and more fun to drive a car that holds
      the road and rides well.
   • Pride of ownership – it’s said that your car is an extension of your personality and
      maintaining it shows you care.

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